package scalapb

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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  2. AnyRef
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Type Members

  1. trait AnyCompanionMethods extends AnyRef
  2. trait AnyMethods extends AnyRef
  3. abstract class CollectionAdapter[T, Coll] extends AnyRef
  4. trait DurationCompanionMethods extends AnyRef
  5. trait DurationConverters extends AnyRef
  6. trait DurationMethods extends AnyRef
  7. trait ExtendableMessage[A <: ExtendableMessage[A]] extends Updatable[A]
  8. trait GeneratedEnum extends Product with Serializable
  9. trait GeneratedEnumCompanion[A <: GeneratedEnum] extends Serializable
  10. case class GeneratedExtension[C <: ExtendableMessage[C], T](lens: Lens[C, T]) extends Lens[C, T] with Product with Serializable
  11. abstract class GeneratedFileObject extends AnyRef
  12. trait GeneratedMessage extends Product with Serializable
  13. trait GeneratedMessageCompanion[A <: GeneratedMessage] extends Serializable
  14. trait GeneratedOneof extends Product with Serializable
  15. trait GeneratedOneofCompanion extends AnyRef
  16. trait GeneratedSealedOneof extends Product with Serializable
  17. trait JavaProtoSupport[ScalaPB, JavaPB] extends Any
  18. class LimitedInputStream extends FilterInputStream

    Based on com.google.protobuf.AbstractMessageLite.Builder#LimitedInputStream.

  19. abstract class MessageBuilder[A] extends AnyRef

    Allows building an instance of a message A

    Allows building an instance of a message A

    The code generator will create a class that extends MessageBuilder for each message. It generally contains a var for each optional and required field, and a [scala.collection.mutable.Builder] for each repeated field.

  20. trait MessageBuilderCompanion[A, Builder] extends AnyRef
  21. case class TextFormatError(msg: String) extends Product with Serializable
  22. class TextFormatException extends RuntimeException
  23. trait TimestampCompanionMethods extends AnyRef
  24. trait TimestampConverters extends AnyRef
  25. trait TimestampMethods extends AnyRef
  26. abstract class TypeMapper[BaseType, CustomType] extends AnyRef
    @implicitNotFound( ... )
  27. final case class UnknownFieldSet(fields: Map[Int, Field] = Map.empty) extends Product with Serializable
  28. trait UnrecognizedEnum extends GeneratedEnum
  29. type Message[A] = Any

    (Since version 0.10.0) This trait is no longer used and can be safely removed.

Value Members

  1. object AnyMethods
  2. object CollectionAdapter
  3. object DurationConverters extends DurationConverters
  4. object Encoding

    Utility functions to encode/decode byte arrays as Base64 strings.

    Utility functions to encode/decode byte arrays as Base64 strings.

    Used internally between the protocol buffer compiler and the runtime to encode messages.

    We could have used Apache Commons, but we would like to avoid an additional dependency. java.xml.bind.DataTypeConverter.parseBase64Binary is not available on Android. And the Java native java.util.Base64 is only available for Java 8...

  5. object ExtendableMessage
  6. object FieldMaskUtil
  7. object GeneratedExtension extends Serializable
  8. object LiteParser
  9. object StructUtils
  10. object TextFormat extends ProtoAsciiParsing
  11. object TimestampConverters extends TimestampConverters
  12. object TypeMapper
  13. object UnknownFieldSet extends Serializable
  14. object WireType

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