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Protocol Buffer Compiler for Scala

ScalaPB with SparkSQL

Setting up your project

Make sure that you are using ScalaPB 0.5.23 or later.

We are going to use sbt-assembly to deploy a fat JAR containing ScalaPB, and your compiled protos. Make sure in project/plugins.sbt you have a line that adds sbt-assembly:

addSbtPlugin("com.eed3si9n" % "sbt-assembly" % "0.14.2")

In build.sbt add a dependency on sparksql-scalapb:

libraryDepenencies += "com.thesamet.scalapb" %% "sparksql-scalapb" % "0.7.0"

The running container contains an old version of Google’s Protocol Buffers runtime that is not compatible with the current version. Therefore, we need to shade our copy of the Protocol Buffer runtime. Add this to your build.sbt:

assemblyShadeRules in assembly := Seq(
  ShadeRule.rename("**" -> "shadeproto.@1").inAll

See complete example of build.sbt.

Running SQL queries on protos

Assuming you have an RDD of ScalaPB protos:

val persons: RDD[Person] = ...

You can convert it to a dataframe and register it as SparkSQL table:

import scalapb.spark._

The first import line adds an implicit conversion for SQLContext that supplies protoToDF. An equivalent alternative you can use is:

import scalapb.spark._

Now you can run code like this:

val query = sqlContext.sql(
  "SELECT name, age, size(addresses) FROM persons WHERE age > 30")


Check out a complete example here.