Upgrade guide

Migrating to ScalaPB 0.7.x#

From version 0.7.0 and onwards, ScalaPB artifacts are published under the com.thesamet.scalapb group id instead of the com.trueaccord.scalapb group id.

In addition, all classes in the com.trueaccord.scalapb are moved to the scalapb top-level package. During 0.7.x, we will keep type aliases and references in the original com.trueaccord.scalapb location so you may get deprecation warnings, but your code is unlikely to break.

You will need to "sbt clean" and "sbt compile" again, to make sure the old generated classes are removed and new ones are generated. The generated code should not yield any deprecation warnings.

Since the artifact name has changed, you will need to make sure all your other ScalaPB dependencies, such as scalapb-json4s and sparksql-scalapb, are updated to 0.7.x. Otherwise, they will pull an additional copy of ScalaPB from the old group id name.

Migrating from sbt-scalapb to sbt-protoc#

In project/scalapb.proto or project/plugins.proto, remove the library dependency on sbt-scalapb.

Add sbt-protoc plugin:

addSbtPlugin("com.thesamet" % "sbt-protoc" % "1.0.6")

If you had a dependency on protoc-jar it can be removed, since it is now provided through sbt-protoc.

In build.sbt:

Remove this line:

import com.trueaccord.scalapb.{ScalaPbPlugin => PB}

Remove this line:


If you set up protoc-jar, you can also remove this setting, since this is the default:

PB.runProtoc in PB.protobufConfig := (args =>
com.github.os72.protocjar.Protoc.runProtoc("-v300" +: args.toArray))

Add a value to gen.targets:

Compile / PB.targets := Seq(
scalapb.gen() -> (Compile / sourceManaged).value

If you need Java Conversions, flat packages, etc see ScalaPB SBT Settings.

If you are using files like scalapb.proto and Google's well-known proto change the library dependency from:

"com.trueaccord.scalapb" %% "scalapb-runtime" % "0.11.11" % PB.protobufConfig


"com.thesamet.scalapb" %% "scalapb-runtime" % scalapb.compiler.Version.scalapbVersion % "protobuf"